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Welcome to the Gallery of Dance! 




A Premier Dance Studio in New Jersey since 1985. The Gallery of Dance is a family-run dance studio in Freehold, NJ, and offers a wide range of recreational and competitive dance classes, including ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop, lyrical and contemporary for students from pre-school to high school.  We are honored that parents have trusted us to teach their children the art of dance for over 30 years!

Our Mission:
To Provide Solid Dance Training and Foster Our Future Leaders.  Our goal is to encourage all students to do their best regardless or their level or experience.  Many of our students have made lifelong friends at the Gallery of Dance.


Why Us:
Our teachers are caring, qualified instructors have a reputation for being the best in the area.  They are there to support your dancer and help them get the most out of their dance experience.  Gallery students have gone on to appear in Broadway Productions, including Catch Me If You Can, Rocky, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, So You Think You Can Dance, and with the prestigious MOMIX Dance Company.


Fostering Future Leaders: Why Dance?

The workforce today is a competitive place, and Gallery of Dance aims to prepare their young students for excelling in whatever field they ultimately choose.

Through the Dazzlers, our students have a chance to compete in a challenging but supportive
environment. The Dazzlers compete as a team and also against one another and their peers in solo
events. These girls and young women develop their self-confidence and leadership skills as well as their ability to bounce back from adversity. We push our students to win but also help them cope with loss – and become stronger for it.

But whether your child takes recreational dance classes or competition classes, dance can teach so much more than that. With a focus on poise and self-esteem, our students project an air of confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skins. And dance itself is an exercise in teamwork. Whether there are two dancers on stage or twenty, each must play their role for the success of the whole.  

Year after year, we’ve seen that the classes who work together best also perform the best. That’s why
we put a focus on respect – for their teacher, their fellow students, and themselves.


Our Dance Mentor Program


Our older students are proud to serve as role models for the younger girls at our dance studio, and we remind them of the importance of the example they set between classes, at rehearsals, and during performance – not just for dance but also for promoting teamwork, respect, and confidence.


Many of our older students choose to volunteer their time at the dance studio by becoming Dance Mentors. Dance Mentors are paired with a dance teacher to assist during their classes.


After school and on Saturdays, these Dance Mentors help to warm the younger girls up, work with individual girls on techniques that they may find challenging, and also just lend an ear if a girl needs the advice of an older


Contact us to learn more about enrolling in our dance studio in New Jersey.

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